Dr. Debby Hamilton interviews Dr. Carolyn Ledowsky on the importance of understanding methylation for clinical practice.

*Are your toughest to treat patients not improving even while following your standard successful treatment protocol?

*Do you wonder why some patients improve while others do not?

*Why do so many patients experience such difficult Herxheimer reactions?

*Why can some patients not overcome detoxification challenges?

Think Methylation

Dysfunctional methylation impairs the body’s detoxification process, and it may be the answer to the aforementioned questions.   Beyond methylation genetics, many otherwise “healthy” patients experience methylation issues.  This widespread problem is a result of the environmental impact on our methylation pathways, and it impacts a significant number of your patients and the general population.    Whatever the cause(s), understanding why it is happening AND how to fix it is essential.  Effective treatment goes way beyond just adding methylated B vitamins.

Impaired methylation is research cited as playing a contributing role in many common diseases, including:

Cardiovascular – Diabetes – Bacterial infections such as Lyme – Chronic Fatigue – Insomnia – Anxiety – Autism

Our program combines the methylation science with case studies so that you can make a difference as soon as you arrive home.

Return to your office on Monday with:

* Understanding what is disrupting methylation pathways

* Suggested treatment plans based on genetic testing

* How to improve patient outcome

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